The store

Welcome to a world of liquorice

Here you can taste, smell, feel, and live liquorice. In our shop it is possible to see the production of liquorice and learn even more about it.

We think that it is extremely fun to be able to meet all of our customers and the shop gives us the possibility of testing all of our new ideas and products before we release them on the market. We always offer some special products that only exist in a limited time period in our shop. We appreciate any and all of your feedback!

In our shop we have a café with liqourice treats and maybe even a cup of liquorice coffee. Here you will find the shop’s specialty; chocolate and liquorice truffles made fresh when ordered.

In the shop we even provide liquorice taste sessions which are for both public and private groups. Read more about this under ”liquorice tastings”. We also take field trips so please feel free to contact us.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday             10.00–18.00

Saturday                          10.00–14.00

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Cashless store

We will only accept payments using credit card or Swish

Lakritsfabriken i Ramlösa

Ängelholmsvägen 34, 254 42 Helsingborgswish_440x220_budskap3

Phone: +46 (0) 42 14 11 13