Premium Liquorice

Lakritsfabriken_TestBanner_007Chickpeas, kidney beans, peanuts – and liquorice root. There are nearly seven hundred genera and more than sixteen thousand species of the family known as legumes. There are, in turn, twenty species of Glycyrrhiza. But what exactly do you put inside you when you are enjoying your liquorice? Liquorice is a whole new world to explore.

The roots, which grow out from the stem, are sun-dried and processed to a liquid crude liquorice mass, which are spray dried to a brown powder. We add rice flour, sugar and slightly anise oil to enhance the flavor. If we are making salted liquorice, we add salmiak, or as it is most commonly referred to: Ammonium Chloride.

Our aim is to produce a natural and great tasting liquorice as possible. We like to add liquorice in with everything else that we eat. Each artificial shortcut takes you a step away from the natural raw material and the quality decreases. We want good stuff. You have ugly liquorice, everyday liquorice and premium liquorice which gains more ground.