Signature Line

Today, our signature line of liquorice consists of four main flavours; Sweet, Salty, Super Salty and Sour.

Since we developed the recipe ourselves, we strive to use as many natural ingredients as possible. What makes our liquorice unique is that we use rice flour instead of wheat flour which makes the Premium Liquorice gluten-free.

We mix together rice flour, 6% liquorice powder, syrup/cane sugar and anise oil into a liquorice-scented mass during heating. Then it is either salted with salmiak (ammonium chloride), made sour with malic acid, or may just be left au naturel. Finally, when cooled; the liquorice is piped into long rods and then divided into bite-sized pieces before being dried and packed into our inner bags.

Our Premium Liquorice is sold in boxes of 40g, 150g and the double box of 300g.

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