Sweden's first gluten-free premium liquorice

Liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra in latin) is the root of a bush about one meter high. The roots alone can stretch up to ten meters. They look like plain sticks and should, at the very least, be three years old before they are harvested. Liquorice root grows around the Mediterranean, the Middle East, India and China.

When we make our soft liquorice we use liquorice powder, sugar, syrup and rice flour. It is cooked for about forty minutes, creating a thick black paste. The paste is then stretched out into long strands where it is cut into large pieces. When making salty liquorice we add salmiak, which is the only ingredient that differs the sweet and salty liquorice. We use rice flour in order to make it gluten free.



(Svenska) Grillmässan i Kungsträdgården den 12-14 maj 2017

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Lakritsfabriken i Ramlösa launches new product in the NH4Cl series

The spring at Lakritsfabriken i Ramlösa offers yet another news! On april the 1st, a new product in the NH4Cl series will be launched, Liquorice Marshmallow – soft yet chewy pieces of liquorice saltyness. The news will be launched during the  liquorice festival, “Lakritsfestivalen”,  in Stockholm, the first weekend in April.  NH4Cl is a series […]